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Jessica 2005 Jan to June
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Updates 1-1-2005 to 6-1-2005

Well, long time for an update!  You can blame ivillage for that.  Please remember to change your links to this site as well since it is now a tripod site.  As for Jess, she is SUCH a big girl!  Not walking yet but she is SURE talking!  She has "mama" "dada" "nono" "bye bye" as actual words and she had said sooo many other things by repeating us it is amazing.  She gives hugs and kisses, waves, climbs, eats and drinks on her own.  WOW girl!  No walking yet but we're pretty sure it's not because she can't.  She can stand on her own but prefers to be closer to the ground for moving around.  She goes up and down stairs all by herself so well that we've stopped worrying about her around stairways.  She can even climb up onto the couch herself!  We're planning her birthday party June 5th... my baby is going to be ONE!!!  She's just such an amazing little girl.
Hmm, with all these updates I may need an archive just for Jan and Feb!  Yesterday Jess and I were visiting a friends house and she went from sitting up to her hands and knees, to laying on her tummy, back up to her hands and knees, and BACK up to sitting up, all on her own! 
Guess who crawled!!  On Feb 5th, Jess took two little crawling "steps" and promptly fell.  She hasn't done it again since then.  My poor little girl has got this bad bug that went around our house now too.  She's got really goobery eyes and I've been putting antibiotic drops in her eyes plus giving her decongestant as often as possible.  It's so misserable to see her trying to nurse when she can't breath through her nose.  She's hardly eating any solids so she's been losing that weight that she gained as well.  The docs seem to think she'll gain it all back when she's feeling better.  I hope she does.
Happy 8 months baby Jess!  I was sure she'd jump to 16 pounds by today after those nice weights last week, but we're all fighting off a little cold in our house so that may have kept her at 15, 12.  That's still really great so I'm glad to see her growing!  She has dropped "mama" to say "dada" instead.  This makes Daddy extremely happy but I want her to say "mama" again.  She's also moving around the room by rolling.  She can scoot... but she only goes backwards so it isn't very helpful.  She can almost start crawling from a sitting position, but once she gets on her hands and knees and starts to rock her arms give out and she falls on her face.  I can't say I blame her for not trying that too often.  She's in love with eating table food at mealtimes with the family and she's also pretty good with most of her mushy baby food.  I just cannot get this girl to drink from a cup without dribbling all over everything.
Oh my gosh!  I weighed Jess last night and she was 15 pounds 11 ounces!  She was 15 pounds 12 ounces this morning!  YAY JESS!!  Of course, she can fluctuate day to day, so that may have been a "high" for her but still... wow!  Also, last night she actually waved "bye bye" in imitation of us.  It was so cool to see her interacting like that.  She was waving and saying "ba ba ba ba" and Daddy was trying to get her to say "da da".  I told him she was saying "bye bye" to him and so he kept doing it and she kept repeating it.  Sadly, still no "dada".  She does say something that sounds remarkably like "love" and then she'll press her head to your shoulder but we're not convinced that she knows what she is doing.
I moved the text from last year to an archive page.  I will eventually move over a photo or two and then only have current photos on this page.  My poor Gavin doesn't get an archive page, but he really isn't changing as quickly as Jess is.  He had his own whole website for a few years anyway.
Jess is growing!!  OK, she's not leaping to the 90th percentile or anything, but she's already about 15 pounds 7 or 8 ounces and she still has 9 whole days before weigh in time.    We have also started swimming lessons.  She loes splashing in the water.  She cries when she has to get out of the pool and the whole time in the water she is just splashing away like crazy.  My little fishy girl seems very comfortable with having her face under water.
We've had a great holiday time!  Jessica is growing into such a happy little girl.  That said, she cried for the first time as I left her at daycare this morning.  My poor little girl.  We had a well child visit yesterday and the growth chart at the doctor's office is different then the one I found online.  It puts Jess more into the normal range.  This makes sense to me when I think about it though because the one I have online is from the Nestle formula website.  For a nursing baby, she's pretty normal it seems.  Also, the doctor said that the charts are based on averages, not on ideals.  As such, they prefer babies to be on the lower end weight wise with the national obesity epidemic.  She was above average on height so she is clearly growing.  Jess has learned to sit up unsupported and now loves to be placed somewhere where a bunch of toys are within reach.  We've also given her some finger food and she's decided that is the greatest.  Now it is a huge insult to Miss Jess to eat in front of her without handing over a little of whatever you have.  We decided to not get Jess all the shots at the 6 month well child visit and we just got the Prevnar one for now.  We will see about getting the others but I didn't want to give them all to her at once.  I'm going to see if we can cut out the tetnus and Hepatitis shot all together as well.


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