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Our Family
Gavin 2004-2005
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Gavin's archives 2004-2005


June 2005
Gavin is about to graduate from Kindergarten!  I cannot believe how he has grown!  His 6th birthday is coming up and we will be heading out to the Children's Museum for that.  he remains a great big brother even with Jessie getting into all his things.  i am just so proud of my little guy!
February 2005
This past month has been a rough one for Gavin.  We've all been sick but he's gotten the worst of it.  He's been keeping good spirits through it all though, so that's good.  We are working on getting his letter down as he is having quite a bit of trouble at reading.  He took a long time to get the hang of speech too though and once he did he just took off... so hopefully when he gets the idea about letters and reading he'll do well.    My little monkey does very well with numbers and problem solving! He has also asked to do gymnastics and baseball so we'll see what we have time to try.
January 2005
Gavin's half birthday is coming up.  This is not normally a big deal, but now that he is in Kindergarden, they will be celebrating this in school since he is a "summer" birthday.  He seems to really like school.  He is getting better and better at writting his own name and identifying some letters.  He's got his number down really well too!  Gavin got a snowboard for Solstice as he has learned how to use one at daycare.  He is such a coordinated little guy.  He is still in swimming and doing very well.  He can now actually swim from point A to point B all by himself.  He also learned the "dolphin" move which I believe is the kick to the breaststroke.
August 2004
Gavin has officially turned 5 now.  He also had his 5 year check up and shots.  He was SUCH a little man with that.  We talked about the shots before going, and he asked a few questions.  When it came to doing them, he was just so strong and he wouldn't let himself cry.  I don't know what it is about that crying thing and guys because we sure don't make him think he can't cry.  Must be genetic.  At daycare a few days ago they found a bunch of frogs and Gavin got to bring one home.  We let him have it for a few days and then we let it go in the little pond by our house.  He loved that little frog so much though, so I got him a couple of hermit crabs to have as pets.  They are turning out to be a lot of fun, so I wouldn't be suprised if we have hermit crabs for a long time now.  They are about 3 million times better then hamsters I think! : )

May 2004
   Guess who's birthday is coming near???  Yep, Gavin will be 5 soon.  My big man can still melt my heart though.  He told me the other day that I was pretty, and that he likes me. :D  We are having a 4th of July theme for his party.  Mostly because he loves fireworks so much so we will be getting some sparklers and such to play with.  I also rented a moonwalk like we did last year and I got a snowcone machine.  All relatives make note, the party is July 3rd!
   His wish list includes a gameboy and a "big nintendo".  Daddy is so excited! LOL!  Is 5 big enough for the Harry Potter books? 

February, 2004.
Gavin is getting to be such a big boy!  He is really into cars and dinosaurs and planes and computer games.  He loves Superman and the Justice League.  He is always active and that must explain how SKINNY he is!  His last weigh-in put him at 38 pounds, which is where he's been for about a year now I think.  Don't think that means he isn't growing though!  Those legs get longer every day.  I swear I was watching him sit at his computer desk and as he sat there, his legs grew long enough for him to reach the floor.  OK, well, maybe he just moved in the chair.  He had a Kindergarten screening done a few weeks ago which he passed with flying colors!  He is very excited about school.  Mommy is a little unsure about it, but we're going to give it a go next fall.  It is very hard for me to believe that I got pregnant while he was 2, and here he is a young man and still waiting for that little sister.  (Which, BTW, he has told me is going to sleep in his room with him so that he can get up at night and feed her and change her diapers himself.)

Gavin was Picachu for Samhain this year. Mommy took a LONG time to make this costume.

Gavin is an AWESOME big brother!




We visited the apple orchard for our celebration of the start of harvest time.

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