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Our Family

Jessica's Room

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Here is Jessica's Room.  It is my creation of the "Jaqueline" collection from the Pottery Barn Kids company.  My friend Michelle is helping me to sew the matching bedding which includes the quilt, bumper, skirt, a small pillow, and the window treatments.  I've purchased a few items from the PBKs store as well.  I also painted a very creamy chocolate white color.
The room is really coming together here now.

Here is the southeast side of Jess's room:

Here is the crib, rocker, and finished window.
Waiting on small table and ottoman...

Close up of the bumper I made.
Almost done now... just needs binding.

The bumper from the inside...
Waiting on the quilt, but it's coming together!

Jess's picture is over her crib now. :)
I swear that green patch really does look normal in person.

Moving northeast...
We will be putting in a ceiling light, no more lamp!! YAY!

Here's the northwest side now:

Well, still mostly just north right now...
I love these crackle paint framed pressed flowers.

Dresser/changing table
It finally came!

Haven't put up the shelf yet...
But this looks nice too. :)

Jess's newborn cloth 'gavies'...
These were made for Anily. Being passed on down. I hope they fit.

(If you are confused about what 'gavies' are...)

Little girls are not required to be in pink. : )