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Our Family

Cord Compression Managment

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We are very thankfull to Dr Jason Collins for his time and concern. He has provided us with all of this free of charge.  If you would like to contact him for yourself, please do so.  He will work with any mother that had suffered a previous stillbirth loss.  Please visit for information on contacting him.

This is a heart rate strip taken during the day from Jessica.  It shows the slight cord compression patterns that point to the need for further investigation.

29 week heart rate strip

Here are two US pictures.  One shows the implantation site from the cord to the placenta, with Jessica's nose and upper lip right under the implant site.  Any movement of her face would compress the cord and cause those heart rate dips.  Fortunately, this is a non-dangerous situation.  We were lucky to NOT have found cord entanglement and everything looks great! 

Minor cord compression at implantation site.
Marked areas are implantation site and Jess's nose.

This picture shows the design of Jess's cord.
Thankfully, it is normal with normal helixes and vessels.

Please note:  If you have any questions about this and your doctor tells you that it can't be done, PLEASE contact Dr Collins.  He is an expert in this field with 1000's of pregnancies worth of experience, not to mention all the studies and research he has gone through.  This could be very valuable information to your doctor.