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Weight Loss BLOG

August 2005
Well, my babies are getting older now and I've been debating having another one for a long time now.    Jessie is still nursing, but not often enough to mess with getting pregnant.  I don't know though, another daycare payment would be harsh and that would mean doubling up on bedrooms.  Neither of those issues would make me not do it, I'm just not sure I could handle another pregnancy, not to mention another weaning since the end of full time nursing always makes me literally go goofy in the head.  I wonder though, if I could handle being pregnant without putting myself through the constant trips into the ER to make sure the baby is still alive.  I sold my heart monitor on Ebay so I'd have to either get another (which I don't think I'd do) or live without it.  Part of me really wants to be pregnant just to have the chance to be normal in a pregnancy now that Jessie is here.  That's the big question though... would I let myself be normal?  Well, if I got pregnant now we'd have yet ANOTHER summer baby and if I waited much more, we'd have another age span of over the 2 years I didn't want to go over.  It is just amazing how hard it is to have kids close together.  I always thought it was something you just did.  I couldn't even GET pregnant until about 1 month ago and I can't even be all that certain that it'd happen now.
Ah, well, we have the kids we have, and they are very very great.  Whatever else happens is just whatever will be.

June 2005
The book is on hold.  I have so many great ideas for writing it, as well as a few other books that I just KNOW would make for good books, but I'm too busy to really do that.  I've been really getting into this buying and selling children's clothing.  I've also gotten a new job!  I'm working for Medtronic now!!!  I'm so happy to be working for a place that I'm so proud of.  I've already gotten myself a few Medtronic shirts and such.  YAY!!
I have decided to write a book about this with no writting experience, no publishing knowledge, and no spelling skills.  It will start the day that I found out I was pregnant with Anily and it will end when I have a live baby in our house.  At least, that's what I'm thinking right now.

Pregnant me working on Jess's room.


Chapter One - We're Pregnant!

Chapter Two - The First Trimester