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Gavin 2005-2006

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Gavin's archives 2005-2006


Novemeber 29th, 2005
We had parent conferences recently.  Gavin got mixed reviews.  On one hand, his is slightly above level in his math and reasoning skills - he can even do multiplication!  On the other hand, his reading is still at a relatively kindergarden level.  I wish we could find out what his reading block is but I know he'll overcome it!  We did talk about having him in Kindergarden since he is a summer birthday and all, but then his math skills would suffer so we just work hard on the reading to keep him from getting any more behind.  He has been making friends in the neighborhood which is great to see!  A girl from the house across the street from us has turned out to be a nice friend of his and he even had his first sleep over!  (He didn't sleep in her room. :)  )
November 3rd, 2005
The tooth fairy has visited our house!  Gavin lost his first tooth while eating corn on the cob at school.  I'm so bummed that I missed out on the whole thing - it was barely even loose!!  He was sure excited!  The tooth fairy almost got caught but I think everything worked out. :)   Gav is doing fairly well in school  MUCH better then last year in Crooked Lake!  He actually really likes this school so I'm glad about that.  Gavin is starting to be able to read a few words here and there and he is doing great at math!  He had fun for Halloween (Samhain) this year.  He and Jess were both dinosaurs and it was really very cute.  The hardest part was yelling for him to wait as I trailed along after him carrying Jessie.
September 7th, 2005
Gavin had his first day of 1st grade yesterday.  His bus comes so early that he can catch it from home, but we're having an issue with where he gets dropped off.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon.  He seems to like it there but of course I worry about him fitting in and having friends and all that.  He said he was sitting all alone at lunch and my heart just about broke for him!  We are having a garage sale soon where Gavin has declared he is selling ALL his toys.  We'll see. hehe.
August 18th, 2005
We have more fish!!  We went fishing this past weekend at the cabin (My Mother In Law's friend's family's cabin) and our little fisherman was NUTS about fishing!  The second we got there he ran out to fish off the dock and got a couple big sunnies all by himself.  From that point on, it was all we could do to drag the kid into the cabin for eating and sleeping.  He would come in willingly to get ready for the fires we had at night.  He ended up getting a bunch of fish, including a larger bass that we did actually (well, when I say "we" I mean Kelly) cut up and get ready for eating.  We are hoping Gavin will actually eat the fish when it is made.  I cannot believe how self sufficient this kid is!  He would just grab his pole and the bucket of leaches and run out to the dock and fish.  I don't even like to touch those nasty leaches so I'm glad I don't have to bait his hook for him!  I do have to say that I refuse to watch him baiting his own hook because I keep having images of him spearing himself.  Now he's really looking forward to our upcoming trip to the Ren Fest!  Oh, and we also got a Pleco fish for our tank since Gavin wanted a little bottom feeder.
August 8th, 2005
We have fish!  Gavin got a fish tank for his birthday and since he's been BEGGING and BEGGING to get fish or more Hermit Crabs (ya, mommy killed those off pretty fast.  It was sad.) we gave in and got some fish.  We got these things that look like little guppy/gold fish hybrids.  My mom told me what they are but I forgot.  Anyway, we got 4 of those and one actual guppy, all females.  One of the orange fish died right away but the others made it.  They are actually doing well.  the one silver guppy looks like it is possible she's pregnant so we may even get some little fry.  That would be fun!  Gavin LOVES his fish and he's being pretty good about feeding them.
July 29th, 2005
I've finally gotten Gav's photos and all that updated.  Gavin just got done with his summer school and has a few weeks break before he starts 1st grade at Earle Brown.  I hope he likes it there.  He's getting better at reading, but I really hope he picks that up fully soon.  I just know it is going to click with him soon and he'll be reading like crazy.  He did the same thing with speech.. not talking until 3 and then taking off!  Until then though, it is nerve racking for me to see him struggle.  Oh, and Gavin has promised me that even though he IS going to be 10 some day and grow up, he will always let me kiss him in public.  : )

We had a box of hair dye laying around (long story, don't ask...) so....

Can you tell that his hair is brown?

Gavin's 6th birthday at the Children's Museum


monkey boy

Gavin's fish

New hair cut and first missing tooth


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