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Asher Sept 06 text

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This isn't really about Ash, but I couldn't figure out where to post just a plain old blog that wasn't about one of the kids that still got read since I know most people don't go looking at, say, the robyn page.  OK, first, I stole this link off my friend Jeanette's page because it was TOOO funny!  It is a weird Al video to the song "White and Nerdy".  If you can't laugh at yourself.... :)  The sad thing is how well I relate to much of the song. Weird Al
The next thing is a rant about my stupid car.  I got this car used when I found out I was expecting baby #3.  I wanted a minivan - seriously - I wanted one.  I wanted that 3rd seat row so I didn't have to squish the 3 kids into one seat.  I mean, who wants to have to sit between your two dorky siblings anyway?  Can you just IMAGINE how many times I'd be saying "Don't make me stop this car and come back there."  No, sanity said that I wanted the mini van.  I wanted it used because I am so tired of paying extra for the brand new car just to lose money the moment I drive it home.  I figured something a few years old would be more practical and I might even get some cash back from the deal to help fund the maternity leave.  Well, ya, used car... but this thing has not started when I turned the key THREE freaking times already in the year that I've owned it!!  THREE!  One was the alternater, which My husband, bless his heart, fixed by going out and buying a book on fixing Ford Windstars.  The second was the starter which I found a great (well, I thought so anyway) mechanic that was honest and, frankly, had a free tow truck, to fix.  Well, that was about 1-2 months ago and today the starter went out on me AGAIN!  Plus I've had TWO flat tires in the last month.  Granted, that has nothing to do with the car being new, both times there were items that got stuck in the tires and made a leak, but still!  What kind of car kharma and I walking around with to cause this anyway???  The same place that fixed the starter the first time is going to take it and hopefully fix it without charging me anything.  Still... where is my confidence level with this car?  low.  Very low.  That is just so wrong!  And this is after that dumb guy at the place that patched the tire tried to convince me that I needed to pay to have my breaks and rotars replaced.  What, do I have "idiot" on my flipping forehead?  You don't just go around replacing rotars for your breaks.  Trust me, I'd KNOW if those were bad.  My breaks aren't even to "squeeky" mode yet.  So I made them put the tires back on the van, bring it back down to the ground, and give me the keys back.
So, that's my rant.  Thanks for letting me get that out, off topic though it is. :)
Ashy has a tooth!!  Last night while walking around with Gavin on his fundraiser sales (see Gavin's page!) I had Ash in the baby carrier and he was chewing on my hand like normal.  Well... there was something sharp in there!!  It is just barely through and you can see on his gums that it is bleeding just a little.  Poor guy!  He actually only got up once last night - but he stayed up for 2 hours!  I finally got him some tylenol and then he went back to sleep and stayed asleep until morning.  He was SOO cute when we were out selling with Gavin!  I had put on his little Halloween monkey costume because it was a little chilly and that costume is basically a nice fleece snowsuit type thing... with a tail... OH it was CUTE!  I think I'm going to have to bring that costume with us this weekend when we go to get pictures!
I guess that weight wasn't so much of a cheat.  He was 15 pounds 2 or 3 ounces this morning!  Way to grow kiddo!  On Friday we started giving him some baby cereal at daycare which he really loved!  He ate all of what she gave him and wanted more.  Hopefully this is the start of sleeping at night for me now.  Not that I really remember getting up at night with Ash anymore.  I think I do it in my sleep.
Happy 4 months Ashy!  Well, he managed the 1 pound gain exactly, however I did sit and feed him just before weighing him in, so it may have been a bit of a cheat.  Anyway, he seems to be growing well enough.  I'm still putting him into 3-6 month clothes, but he is getting on the verge of not fitting into them.  It is odd because I thought those clothes fit until about 18 pounds or so, which he isn't close to.  Maybe he is just too tall.  At 3 months he was 24 inches with a 41.5cm head circumference.  That is exactly 50% for height.  He is certainly making up for not eating much during the day by nursing all night long.  Now that he is 4 months I think I'm going to have him start a little on the solids like the ever-bland cereal or maybe some fruit or vegi in the afternoons at daycare.  Get some more calories into him during the day in hopes of sleeping at night.  YAY SLEEP!  :)
Ash is getting more control over his hands these days.  He will hang out under some dangly toys to grab them and do his little baby sit-ups trying to get them into his mouth.  He tries so hard and gets so mad when he can't do that.  Putting things in his mouth is pretty much his all time favorite thing to do.  I think that I can see the start of teeth in there but it is hard to tell.  Whenever I try to hold open his mouth he will start giggling at me and then it is just too much fun to play with him and make him laugh.  He is a very happy little guy!  While he has already rolled his first time, it wasn't really under his control.  He is getting more and more able to move his body as he wants.  The other day I put him on the floor to go get the piano toy for him to play with and he rolled to his side right away.  Lastly, he is still keeping up his end of the conversations.  I can't wait to hear those constanant sounds which I think might be close.
I've been noticing an odd trend of people commenting on Ash's size.  I don't know why, but strangers have been telling me that he is a "good size for a baby."  Apparently, he is just so average, that a number of people are commenting on it.  Not that I'm complaining - I'll talk about my babies to strangers any day! :)  Plus they are saying nice things about him so there's nothing wrong with that.  I just don't know why people think he is such a good, big enough, not too big, not too small baby.  He honestly looks just like the other ones have to me so who knows. 
The littlest monkey was up about 7 times again last night.  He got up around 11 something and was up until after 12 because each time I'd try to put him down, he'd wake up again.  Then he slept until 4 when he did the not-go-back-down thing again until I basically had to go to work.  He's really acting like something is bugging him but I don't know what. 
Guess who was up ALL NIGHT LONG?!  Yes, that would be Ash, and me of course.  I think my brain has taken over on sleeping because I don't often remember much of the nights that I'm up like that.  He just did NOT want to be put down.  Every time I'd try, he'd wake up and scream at me.  He is also starting to roll, so that was part of the problem, I'd put him down and he'd roll over.  I took him into bed with me so I could sleep but that didn't even fix things as he was still fussy and fidgety in bed with me.  That normally really calms him down.  As much as I don't want him getting teeth this early, I do hope that is what it is because that would mean that this would END once those teeth come in.  I'm also wondering if he might sleep better once he starts solids but I'm not sure.  He is up to 14 pounds 9 ounces or so now, so that is a big baby to keep fed on just milk alone.  The other two were eating at least some cereal at this point but I'm just not in a big hurry to get him into that.  Sleep or not, it is still much easier to just nurse him.
Speaking of rolling, he is also using his hands more.  The other day after I nursed him at lunch time and put him in the swing he was using his hands to spin the little toys that are attached to the swing tray.  That was fun to watch him do that!
Well, Ash has gone forward some and back some.  He is just starting to take the bottle better.  We'll see how that goes though.  We've had daycare feeding him with a dropper and honestly that hasn't been too bad.  At least we can know for sure that he will take a minimum amount each day.  Unlike Jessie, he has also been demanding those night time feedings again.  I'm not sure it is hunger exactly though.  I can't really tell.  It almost seems like he is in pain from either gas pains or teething.  He already has those flat spots on his gums where the teeth will come in so I know he's getting ready.  He is also a mad man about chewing on things.  This includes me while he is nursing.  For the night time, I've started bringing him into bed with me for at least part of the night.  I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but he seems to gain weight better on the nights when I do that, and we at least get some sleep.  I'm worried though that it is rewarding his not sleeping through the night so hopefully the fact that he spends at least part of the night in his own crib will help prevent him from refusing to sleep alone at all.  Weight-wise, he was 14 pounds 6 ounces today.  This isn't up much from his 3 month weight, but considering the whole bottle/eating issues, I think he's doing OK.  We are not starting solids just yet and he is still a pretty big guy for his age so we aren't freaking out just yet.  I brought him in for a 3-month well child visit.  (I know I know, they are 2 months and 4 months, but I don't want to bring a healthy child into a germ infested office.)  I got him the HiB shot and the doctor talked me into doing the DTaP one even though I wanted to do prevnar instead.  The doctor told the nurses that they had to let me nurse him during the shots so they wouldn't freak out this time (Last time with Jessie they said that she would choke!  Oh my!  *eye roll*) but Ash wasn't the least bit interested in nursing while they stick a needle into his leg.  He is just NOT a nurse for comfort baby.

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