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Our Family

Family Wish lists

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OK, I was going to take this down, but I realized that it might come in handy at other times so I'm going to leave it up and try to keep it sort of current.  mostly it is for me to remember what the kids have mentioned that they like for gift times.

Shoes: 2-3 Clothes: 6-9 month
large bottles of paint - boy she goes through that fast!
Shoes: 8m Clothes: 3 (but she has a LOT)
Yu-Gi-Oh cards *** Gavin REALLY wants that Duel Disk. Santa was going to get it, but since he has asked for the Wii, the duel disk is fair game from anyone else. He will LOVE LOVE LOVE you for it, just FYI.
Lego Crane Set
Wii controllers
Shoes: 2-3 Clothes: 6-7
Epson R1800 ink
12X12 top loading Westrim Crafts page protectors for strap hinge scrapbooks
Biosilk hair product
High end facial skin care stuff
Pretty Much anything on the kid's lists
Pioneer 42" Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV Um, ya...., I'm thinking no one is going to pick this one up. Sorry Kris. :)