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Jessie June 06 text

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OK, I'm missing a cute, happy, easy going little girl.  If anyone knows where to find her, please let me know.  In exchange, I'm willing to give them this whiny, clingy, NOT sleeping monster.  If you ask Jessie how old she is, she will tell you she is 3, however it is painfully obvious that she is, in fact, TWO.  You go into her room in the morning and she informs you that she needs to use the potty.  You say OK, let's go, and she screams "NO!" and just wants you to hold her... but you can't sit down.  You have to hold her standing up.  She wants to get dressed and she picks out her clothes, but you go to put it on her and "NO!!!"  As she cries and screams and hides in the corner of her room.  You put on her shirt and she's OK with that, but then she decides the shorts don't match and she pulls her PJ bottoms out of her drawer and tries to put those on, even though they are inside out from the last time she tried to put them on, and gets mad and cries because she can't get them on right.  You try to help and she screams "NO, I do it!"  You say "Can I just turn them right side out?"  "NO!"  So she gets both legs in one inside out leg and screams because she can't get up and says "Mommy help!"  Turn pjs right side out, hand them back, she puts them on and is happy as can be as though nothing twilight zone-like ever happened.  Yes, toddlers are bipolar I have decided.  It is rather amusing though to watch her try to put her own diaper on.  I have to say that if anyone videotaped a 2 year old's entire year, they'd have some AWESOME footage for that later wedding video.
One other thing I've noticed... she's not quite sure about who is the Mommy with her dolls.  She usually tries to give them to me if she determines that they are crying or something.  She hands me her dolls and tells me to nurse them a lot.  I tell her no, that they are HER babies and she is the mommy.  She kind of looks at me like I've gone insane, and then walks away.  She has pretended to nurse her baby once or twice, but mostly she opts to change the subject whenever her Mother has clearly gone nutso.  I have a feeling that in, oh, 11 more years I'll be seeing a lot more of that look.
While out at CVS today, I found these little simple stuffed dolls from sesame street.  They had Elmo, Ernie, and Cookie Monster.  Well, Jessie has a thing for Elmo and Ernie so I just knew I had to get them.  I was going to get Cookie too, but they were $6 each which was a lot for something that was one step up from a McDonalds meal toy so Cookie had to stay at the store.  You should have seen Jessie's eyes when she saw those dolls!  She is sleeping with them now.  I also finally got her blankie washed and she saw that come out of the laundry right away and grabbed it for sleeping.  It's funny because she never even commented on it not being there while it was in the laundry basket for a few days but she sure noticed when it was back!  I'm glad she's not totally stuck on it though because it is MUCH easier to just leave it in her bed and not bring it out and about everywhere with us like Gavin brings his.  I'm trying some overnight diapers with her in the hopes that I won't have to do so much bedding laundry.  So far it didn't prove to work because this morning she still leaked through.
Jessie and daddy had fun in the sandbox tonight, and then she needed a bath before bed.  One thing though - I had gotten some new shorts for her not too long ago. A pair of light purple, a pair of white, and a pair of pink.  (Ya, I know, I bought PINK, but there wasn't a lot of choice and she's got stuff to match it anyway.)  She wore the white ones today under her little dress and yes, she was out in the sandbox with her brand new, JUST took the tags off, white shorts.  They are soaking in the laundry room now.
Oh, one last thing.  When Kris came home today with Jessie, she came downstairs where I was nursing Ash and climbed up on my lap and sat there with Ash for awhile.  She was being so cute with him and giving him kisses.  I'm glad she doesn't mind sharing my lap with her new brother. 
Tonight as I spent time with Jessie in her bed before she went to sleep, she gave me this big hug and said "My mommy" a bunch of times.  Aww.. I really wish I could do something so she wouldn't feel like we were losing time together.  I also really wish *I* didn't feel like we were losing time.  I'm so afraid of forgetting moments in Jessie's life.  The kid's "Farma"  (my mother in law) wants Jessie and Gavin to spend the night this Friday and I know I need to let the grandmas have their time with the kids, but I just get so afraid of losing Jessie to the clock.  I want to hold on to her and tell her she just can't grow up.  *sigh*  but that's not my job as her Mommy.  I've got to take care of her and help her to grow up so that she can be an adult.
Speaking of not growing up, she seems to be at an interesting point right now.  She is caught between wanting to be a big girl and wanting to be a baby.  Half the time she wants to drink out of a bottle and be held and treated like a baby, the other half she wants to sit in Gavin's seat and have a non-sippy cup and dress herself without any help.  Boy, can I understand where she is coming from!  It is causing a lot of trouble with my good little girl's disposition though, so I hope this doesn't last too long.
Jessie's official 2nd birthday passed without much notice really.  Since we had allready had her party, we didn't see much need to make a big deal out of the actual day... especially since she won't remember either way.  She did have a nice day while visiting her daycare where she got a really great art kit and a CD player!  (OK, it is a Barbie CD player and it only plays these little plastic CDs that come with the player... but she doesn't know that.)  She's been sleeping with her CD player as much as I'm sure Gavin enjoys that.  She'd sleep with her art kit if I let her but I'm not really thinking I want her spending all night coloring the walls in her room.
Today we put out the pool and the slip 'n slide for some outside fun.  Jessie ran to get her swimming suit and she actually did get into the pool and slide a bit on the slip 'n slide.  The pool is almost taller then her so she was a little on the timid side there, and the slip 'n slide was cold (so was the pool, really) so it took a little time, but she had fun.  Especially when Daddy got his suit on and played with them.
We had taught her to say "two" when asked how old she is... but she evidentally had a better idea.  NOW when asked how old she is, she says "Three", and if you keep asking, she keeps getting older.  We've gotten her up to six.  This contrasts to her desire to drink juice out of bottles and sleep in the crib since Asher's arrival, which is kinda funny since Asher doesn't actually do the bottle thing and really doesn't do the crib thing much either.  She did finally ask to nurse the other day but I went ahead and let her and again she didn't actually latch on or nurse.  She just looks at me like "OK, what now?"  She seems HUGE to be holding like that and it is so strange to think that Gavin was still nursing at this age.  Then again, it is weird to think that Gavin was still in his crib and high chair and generally being thought of as a baby at this age.  Jessie just seems so much older!  Oh, and she told me the other day that I was pretty.  How very sweet! 

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