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Jessie July-August 06 text

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"Where could it be?  It's a mystery!"  Oh MY!  I can't get over some of the things this girl says!  She LOVES bandaids.  She invents "owies" so that we give her bandaids.  She had an "owie" on her knee so I gave her a little dot bandaid.  She was putting on her shoes when evidentally she lost the bandaid.  She kept asking me where it went and asking me to look for it.  I got on the floor looking for it with her when the above came out of her mouth.  I just wish I could video tape her life.. so many cute things!
I know I'm not going to remember all the things I want to put on here.  Anyway...
This past weekend, Jessie was climbing up on my bed with a large pretzel stick in her hand.  As she was doing this, the stick accidentally got broken.  She looked down at it and says all frustrated "Oh darn-it!"  It was so funny and just so grown up.  Hmm, oh ya, she likes green peppers apparently.  At least she says she does.  I don't know if I believe her because she'll take a bite and say "yumm!" and then not eat any more.  I think she's copying Gavin mostly.  She did eat asperagus the last couple of nights that we had it.  I'm pretty impressed with that since that is one of the few foods that I absolutely hated and could not eat growing up.  I like that now though.  I still won't eat brussel sprouts.  Ew.  She's been going to bed better at night now.  I think I'm not so panicked about how I'd put all three kids to bed when I'm here alone now.  She does OK without me laying in there if needed - of course - she loves it if I can.  She tells me to lay down on a certain side of the bed and as I roll over to it I lay on top of her and tell her how lumpy her pillows are.  She laughs and laughs.  I really love that time with her when we can get it.  Naps are still tough.  Not putting her down... just that she doesn't actually get to sleep for a LONG time and then she doesn't wake up until really late.  We've been reading "The Monster At The End Of This Book" lately and she just thinks it is too funny.
OK - here is something kinda on the "goosebumps" level that she did today.  You read into it what you want.  We were sitting in the TV room while I nursed Ash and she jumped on the couch.  She was jabbering away like normal.  She said to me, "Mommy, I died."  I looked at her really funny and said "No you didn't honey."  She insisted again that she had died and was very emphatic about it.  SO... trying to find out what she was talking about, I asked her when she died.  She said "Right there." and at first I didn't know what she was talking about, but she repeated it and I noticed her pointing to her tummy and she said "I died in my tummy right there."  Now, the whole time she is still just jumping away and playing and she keeps saying she died when in the tummy.
I'll just leave it at the facts and let the reader decide where that came from.
We've discovered that putting Jessie to bed at 7 instead of 8 makes for a MUCH happier camper the next day.  Partly because at 8 she doesn't actually go to sleep and she is up playing until midnight.  All that attitude that I thought was because of having the baby in the house seemed to go away with a better night of sleep.  Now when she sees me nursing Ash she lights up and says "Baby Asher!" and comes running to kiss him and generally maul her little brother.  I hope she keeps that up! 
Jessie LOVES olives!  Green and black.  She discovered the pimento the other day and took all the pimento out of her little dish of olives and ate them saying "yum, pimento!"  She ate some of the asparagus from the meal the other day, but not much.  She really goes in spurts of eating and picking.  I updated all her old stats to the new chart I found and put in the percentiles and it turns out for weight she pretty much stuck in the 15th percentile I think once she started gaining again.  I'm still really scared about Ash and that bottle since I don't want to go through THAT again... but seeing that she is still in that percentile now makes me think that maybe the growth was just natural for her.  I believe at 2 we weighed her at about 24 pounds.
Jessie went in for her first actual hair cut today.  The whole family stopped in just before heading out to Farma's house (where she was totally spoiled with a ton of attention because she is cuter then is truly good for her) and Gavin, Jessie, and I got cuts.  Jessie just needed some help with those bangs.  She has these side layers that are really hard to tell from her bangs and they hang in her face.  I wanted to get the actual bangs really straightened out and make it easier to brush it out without hair in her face.  We also decided to have the length just trimmed a tiny bit to keep the ends healthy.  She sat on my lap since she was scared to sit in the chair all by herself.  She was very anxious to get that sucker at the end though.  If that place ever stops giving out suckers I'm going to have a couple of tantruming kids on my hands.  She did a great job while waiting after for me to finish my hair cut.  Then at Farma's today she had no nap and she was still a very well behaived little girl.  Yay!
Yesterday I was in the kitchen making a little salad for me for dinner and Jessie was sitting at the table asking me what I was getting.  I told her I was getting salad and she asked me for some.  OK... I bring the bowl with my organic baby greens and sun dried tomato vinagarette dressing next to her.  She happily picks out leaves and munches on them while I eat until she decides that I'm getting too much of the salad myself so she takes my fork and yells at me to stop eating her leaves.  I guess we don't have to worry about her liking her vegies. :) 
Jessie has had a hard time sleeping lately.  She has gotten much more needy regarding her bedtime routine and people staying with her.  I suspect this has to do with the decreased one on one time with me.  I spend time with just her every night before she goes to bed and she loves it, but it is a struggle for me to get out of the room.  Not every night though - a few nights ago she asked me to get her a pickle, a string cheese, and a jelly bean - and then she was just fine.  Anyway, with all this, she tends to not get to sleep until very late, and she doesn't nap at all often.  She seems to be doing OK with no naps, although I'd like the down time.  I wish someone would tell ME to take a nap.  She also has been consistantly removing her diaper whenever left alone in her room.  Gross.
Jessie sure does make me proud of her big sister love.  You should see her laying on the ground with her head right by Ash talking to him.  It is so cute!  She is also getting better with the whole baby in the crib thing and with sharing my lap with the baby. 
For the 4th, we bought some fireworks and have been setting some off in the evenings.  Jessie HATES this.  Tonight she actually stood by the door crying and BEGGING me to go inside with her and to not watch the fireworks.  This was even with me holding her in my lap while they went off.  Well, this is from the same girl that is afraid of the elevator so I guess it isn't too shocking. 
Jessie was playing a computer game today.  She wanted to play on my laptop so I went to sesame street and brought up a little online elmo game where you push buttons and Elmo acts out the letter or number that you pushed.  She thought this was pretty cool. 

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