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Jessie September 06 text

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I have to post this before I forget it.  Jessie will sit on the rocking chair in the TV room while I nurse Ash and kick her feet up into the air and do the "bike riding" move with her feet.  She tells me "Mommy, I'm walking on the ceiling - see - I'm walking on the ceiling."  HEHE!  She cracks me up.  She also has gotten the hang of our using Simon Delivers for groceries.  Whenever she wants something she says "Mom, you have to order cookies." or whatever she wants.  The other day she apparently saw a van that she liked better then ours because she pointed out the window and told me to "order" that van.
For her costume, we got this blonde long hair wig (I know, not Princess Leia or however you spell her name, but she likes it) and when we put it on her she said "Gavin, look, I'm a dolly."
My little girl is getting really shy!  The other day at my mom's house she was so scared of the dog that she wouldn't even stand in the same room as the dog if someone wasn't holding her.  When people talk to her she just hides behind me.  It makes it easy to keep track of her in busy places, but I don't want her to be so shy that she misses out on stuff either!  Hopefully she'll be brave enough to say trick or treat to people.  She's picked out this really nice "snow princess" costume for Halloween.  Since Gavin wants to be Darth Vadar (I TRIED to get him to be one of the Jedi good guys but NO...Darth Vadar.) I figure she can be the princess or something from there.  Then if we get a vest and hood for Ash's monkey costume he can be an ewok! :)  We also got her some snow boots and they are this fake leather look and they look so great with the costume!  Of course, Jess has worn those boots every day since we got them.  I'm also look for a pair of black ankle boots / shoes.  Oh, last night she was talking and I don't remember all of what she was saying to me, but she said "Actually...."  and it was so funny.
It's been awhile!  Last week was the first dance class for this Irish Dance group I found.  It is really for 3-5 year olds, but they told me to bring her along and if she wanted, she could join in.  Well, Jessie is a bit more of a shy kid then Gavin ever was.  She didn't want to leave my lap most of the time.  We had Gavin sit in the class and participate to see if she'd go with him, but she wouldn't.  Gavin sure loved it though!!  So, we're having Gavin take the class and Jessie gets to just observe this time.  Hopefully she'll want to participate when she gets more used to the place and people.  Hopefully... those dresses and shoes are so CUTE!!!  After the class this week we went over the her friend Annika's house and she kept talking and talking and talking the whole way there about playing at Annika's house.  This child could talk the ears off a dead horse.  Once there, she actually got into playing pretty quick even  though the house was FULL of little girls and their moms.  Annika's mom is expecting a little brother for Annika too, and Ava's mom was expecting a little brother so that is fun!  There was also a tiny little baby there (younger then Ash) and Jessie was so drawn to it.  She followed the baby around the house the whole time.  That was kinda funny.  You'd think she had enough of the baby that was at her house.  On the way home, she TALKED AND TALKED AND TALKED the entire hour plus drive.  I finally stopped at McDs just to get her some french fries to see if that would get her to be quiet.  I was hoping she'd fall asleep since it was really late.  No such luck.  Just a LOT of talking.
Jessie really has a love of coloring, painting, drawing, writing, anything like that.  She was sitting at the table the other day with her markers and paper and she made a 'J' and said 'J'.  We got all excited and asked her to do it again but she wouldn't so we don't know if it was coincidence.  She does like to have me write her name for her and she understands that words are, well, words.  She points to the words in her books and asks what they are a lot.  Hopefully we have a natural born little reader here! 
Last week we were out at the Ren Fest and I was excited to see what Jessie would think now that she was old enough to participate in some of the things.  She is just so timid about this stuff though!  She kept asking to ride the elephants, but when we'd get close to them she'd get really scared and clingy and not want to ride.  Then we'd get further away and she'd ask to ride them again.  I even tried to get her to ride the quiet, cute little lama but she wouldn't.  She did love the little hobbit house path.  There was a part where two guys were dressed up as fairies and playing chess and interacting with the people and she got right up close to them and was facinated!  Their costumes were really great so I don't doubt she believed they were really these creatures but they were also grown men with big long beards and kinda scary looking even to me so I can't believe she wasn't scared of them!  Oh well, she keeps me guessing.
OK, I would've written this last night, but I wanted to go to sleep.  I've decided to go back to cloth dipes with Jessie again.  Now that I'm washing Ash's anyway, I might as well be doing hers.  There is a local lady that is selling cloth and organic baby supplies out of her house here locally that my friend Mindy told me about.  THANKS MINDY!  Well, I called her and she had a really good deal going so I met up with her and bought 12 more Fuzzies for Jessie.  I don't know if just 12 will be enough, but I've got plenty of other stuff for back up if I need it.  I'll put the link to this person's online store in the links page.  She was really nice!  I tested one of the Fuzzies on Jessie while she slept Friday night and while it was SOAKED in the morning, but NO leaking!  YAY!
Just a quick note before I head off to bed.  I've updated the main photo on the home page and I put a link there to a story board of our trip to the apple orchard.  It was a lot of fun! 
We've been having some trouble getting Jessie to sleep lately.  I think part of it is that she is outgrowing her need for a nap so she isn't very tired at bedtime.  I think the rest of it is just a temporary stage type thing so hopefully we'll get through it.  Gavin has started school again now, so he has been going to bed at the same time as her.  That may just be an adjustment thing for her to have him in the room too.  Last night we pulled out this little pop-up tent Gavin used to like to sleep in.  She was pretty excited about that and went down a bit better then. 
At lunch the other day, one of the other kids at the table was calling out because he wanted some juice.  Jessie was the total care taker to him telling him "It's OK, juice is coming.  It's OK.  Cindy get you juice." until he got it.  Of course, this little caretaker has no problems with grabbing toys away from the little kids as well.
If you ever want a treat, stick a baby monitor in your 2-year-olds room and listen in as she goes to sleep.  Jessie is holding this adorable conversation with herself right now.  BTW - she is totally and completely adorable.  Even without the long hair.  How do I know this?  Because she cut it off.  Yes, she cut off her curls.  Note photos:

The before picture is after she cut it herself...
AFTER is after the professionals recut it.

Oh, I also redid the "recent photos" link to August pics.  Jessie has also been spending a great deal of time at the doctor's office.  She has had her arm pulled out of the socket two more times now.  I'm happy to say that it was not me that did it either time.  The last time it happened I brought her in and asked if there was something we could do to make this stop happening.  The doc said that no, some kids' joints are just looser then others and that it will probably be an issue until at least school age.  She said that she had a neice that was so bad her parents eventually just pinned a note to her that told people to not touch her arms.  I'm considering this.  Jessie will now grab her arm and say "ow!  Doctor fix it." whenever she feels slightly harrassed.  In short, she's faking it.  I guess she knows how to get sympathy.

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