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Jessie October 06 text

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This morning in the van as we were driving into daycare, we were commenting on all the houses along the way decorated for Halloween.  Jessie calls them the "itsy spidar houses".  She's always begging to go walk or drive past the itsy spidar houses.  When we pulled into Cindy's house, Jessie said "Look at THIS house! It's a nice itsy spidar house."  So I kept up her joke saying "Yes, this is nice, I wonder who lives here."  Jessie said "Cindy lives here." So I said, "Maybe we should go in and say hi."  (Cindy is our daycare provider - so of course we were going in.)  Jessie just looks at me and kinda snickers and says "You're really silly Mommy." like I just cracked a bad pun.  Sheesh - everyone's a critic!
We had another day of people over on Monday night.  Over the weekend we hosted a playgroup event for the moms and babies from my old job.  Jessie was napping when they got there and it took her awhile to warm up to all the people that were over when she got up.  I actually went in to wake her and she told me to go away and come back later!  OH, that reminds me, Jessie has been napping!!  I don't know how long this will last, but her bedtime and naptime behavoir has been amazing!  She has to be the one to turn off the light (because she is so excited that she can reach it now and is in control of the light being on or off these days) but then she will climb into bed, we'll put the covers over her, and she says "Goodnight mom" and blows kisses, and she's all good!  She even went to bed last night with all the people over and talking in the living room right outside her room.  YAY Jessie!  Anyway, she had a moment of bossiness regarding people playing with her stuff, but overall she did OK.  The kids had little crafts to do and Jessie actually did OK stringing her little necklace together.  Then we had pizza and Jessie wanted her pizza cut up just like her little friend.  They were cute - but they are still just not quite "playing together" yet.  Soon though!  That will be fun to see.  At the one last night there was a little boy that was just crawling and in her room.  She was telling me this morning about how he was playing with her little musical chair.  I said Ash was going to be up and crawling soon and playing with her like that and she said "Tell him no playing with my chair Mom." hehe.  Little girl hasn't seen NOTHING on having a little brother yet.
More Jessie quotes:  We were in her room about to change a poopy diaper when I took off her zippered footy pjs and Jessie looked down at her diaper.  (It was clean, BTW)  "Oh my gosh, EW!" 
We were in the van driving back from the store and Jessie was singing the ABCs.  She got to W and.. "T - U - V - W... WOW, that was a BIG 'W'!"
I was getting the kids breakfast the other morning and asking Jessie which cereal she wanted.. "I want my box cereal... NOOOOO I want my box on the table. (I put the box on the table) NOOOOO I want the other one cereal. (I bring her the bag cereal and the box and ask which one she wants, she points to the bag. I bring it over to the counter to pour it.) NOOOO I want it on the table."  The world is ending apparently because Apple Jacks comes in a box but Lucky Charms has the marshmellows. (Fake Lucky Charms... in the bag... which is not a box... just ask Jessie.)
I have to share this Jessica quote because it is TOO funny!  She was in my room with me while I was getting ready to shower.  When I took off my bra, she looked up at me and said "You are taking off your nipple shirt?"  Oh man Jessie - the things you come up with!
I think Jessie overcame her fear of my mother's dog this weekend.  We spent the day on Sunday over at my mom's house and she has a very kind old dog named Shadow.  Jessie somehow became petrified of this dog in the past 6 months or so because she would not even let anyone put her down if the dog was in the same room as her.  She SCREAMED if the dog so much as looked at her.  It was nuts.  She also developed this insane fear of our cat Mowgli and wouldn't walk through a room if she saw Mowgs there at all.  I don't know where this came from but she has woken up at night with tales of a scary cat nightmare.  Weird.  Anyway, by the end of the day on Sunday she was brushing Shadow's hair and giving her hugs and kisses, so that was great!
On Saturday she and Gavin went out to a pumpkin patch party thing with my Mother In Law, otherwise known as Farma.  (Father's mother)  She seemed to have a great time and came back with plenty of candy and pumpkins galore!  Apparently Farma guessed the weight of this huge pumpkin correctly so she won it. 
Saturday night we drove out to my mom's to spend the night there.  She did pretty good sleeping in a strange place that night.  She got to pick sleeping in the crib or in the bed and she picked the crib - silly girl.  Oh well.  As long as she sleeps, right?  On the drive out, every time we passed a stop sign she'd yell out "There's an octagon!"  Hehe - the daycare kids go over shapes on their walks around the neighborhood and stop signs are the favorites.  Eventually she'll have to learn that not all octagons are red with the words "stop" in the middle. :) 
While I'm bragging - Jessie helped me put together this puzzle this weekend that was pretty hard.  It was not a "fit the shape in the hole" kind but a large wooden actual puzzle of a farm scene.  I think it had about 25 pieces or so.  She couldn't have done it without help (thus the "mom, I need help, mom, I need help, mom, I need help, mom, I need help....) but she got plenty of pieces in all by herself!  She also sang the ABCs to Ash while they were in the car all by herself.  She's done that before but I thought it was cute that she was singing to Ash - then she'd say "You like that song, Ashy?"  OH!  Here's a big one!  She is counting!  Like, actual, for real, counting!  She can take a set of, say, 8 things and point to each thing and actually count up to 8 and stop and say there are 8 things!  Kris is so impressed with her!  I actually overheard him saying to her that he thought she was smarter then him - which - wow - for him to say that to ANYONE is basically impossible.  Big step for Jessie - big step for Daddy. :)
My little girl has been kinda sick these last few days.  She is rarely ever sick.  At first she was up a couple times Thursday night, Friday morning.  The second time she got up, she was standing at the door when I opened it and she threw up on the floor (the NEWLY CLEANED floor!)  I brought her into our room and had her lay down on out bed for a bit while I showered and got ready for work.  She stayed home in the morning with Daddy and in the afternoon with me that day although she never did run a fever or even act sick after that.  By Saturday afternoon, we had figured it was some weird fluke and that she was just fine.  Well, she got up from her nap after sleeping a LOT on Saturday and she was really hot.  Out came the meds and she seemed to be better the rest of the day Saturday.  That night though, I went to check on her and she was burning hot again.  I got her some more meds but I must've given it to her too fast (she loves that purple syrup stuff so she is easy to give meds to!  She eats the chewables great too.) because she immediately threw up.  I cleaned her up, brought her to the bathtub and gave her a quick rinse both to wash her off and to cool her down, then we went back to her room where she snuggled in her towel against her big stuffed bear while I changed her sheets (oh the joy of motherhood!  Did I mention Ash was sleeping very well this night?)  SO... everything cleaned up, I rediaper and dressed her and we SLOWLY gave her another dose of the meds... tiny... little... bits... at...a...time.  OK, no more vomit... YAY!  She goes back to bed and wakes up in the morning feeling pretty good again.  Sunday she wakes from her nap a bit warm again, although this time it is obviously not as burning hot as last time.  Sunday at night I check on her and she's a little warm but not complaigning.  I know, I know, the fever is there for a reason and if it isn't hurting anything, I should leave it.  Trouble is, I didn't know if it was gonna get worse and I really wanted to sleep.  SO... I gave her another dose of the meds and went back to sleep.  Daddy had yesterday off (federal holiday... ya... he sucks... anyway) so she stayed home with him on Monday.  Last night she was barely even hot and she was just great this morning so off to daycare (amidst protests of Daddy staying HOME today!)  So far...knock on wood... no one else has come down with this.  So far... hopefully...!  You know... just before all this happened, she had the oddest rash on her neck.  It looked like rope burn and she had been wearing a necklace for awhile so we though maybe that's what it was.  It went away in about a day and then a few days later this started.  No idea if it is related.  The great thing was that she was never stuffy and while she was awake she never even acted very sick so as far as illnesses go, we got off pretty easy!
A few days back, Jessie decided to put some make-up on.  Aww, cute, you say.  Yes, well, that might be true if she had decided to put the make-up on her face, or any other skin-like body part.  But no, she put the make-up on her dress and on the carpet all over her floor.  Now, if you are from the show Trading Spaces, I have a GREAT tip for you on permanently changing the color of someone's carpet.  If you are not though, it SUCKS that I now have very large "Midnight Grey" spots on the carpeting in the kids' room.  (Eye shadow, in case you were wondering.)  My mother had loaned us her carpet shampooer, so I used the time that I was sitting at home with no working van (Ya, used cars suck) to see if I could clean that out of the carpet.  Well, clean that and: chocolate, baby spit up, apple juice, pop, pop rocks, silly putty, cookies, popsickles, milk, pizza sauce, urine, poop, and unidentified blue stuff, out of the carpet in the kids' room.  The result?  Actually, after dumping some VERY nasty water out of the dirty water bin, the carpet looked pretty good.  The midnight grey eye shadow however, did not come out all the way.  It somehow turned a funky shade of orange and may take another run to actually get it out.  We are now set for Kid #3 to have his turn at the carpet!

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