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Jessie November 06 text

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We had a great long weekend!  Jessie LOVES visiting her Farma and Grandma and we got to do both.  She always starts out so shy but eventually she warms up to the crowds.  The whole drive there she talks about how excited she is to be visiting and then when we get there she is glued to me like we just went into a lions den.  This weekend we stopped at a dollar store to pick up some gifts for the family from Jessie.  I did this once when Gavin was this age and it is fun.  You just bring them into a store where nothing is very expensive and tall them to pick a gift... anything... for someone.  Whatever she picked out, we wrap up, put a tag on it, and that's her gift.  I can't give away what she got for whom, but some of the items she picked up were ear muffs, giant pens, candy canes, and a wooden snake.  Big fun! :)  She had a lot of fun picking stuff out too, although her resolve to actually give away the items instead of keeping them for herself waxes and wanes a lot.  She also didn't really nap much this weekend but I'm thinking she is getting to the end of her need to nap.
Well, my little girl is getting bigger!  She ditched her toddler chair to sit on the bench with Gavin now.  I don't know how long term this is, but it worked out really well because I can put Ash in the highchair in the spot where the toddler chair was. 
It is SOOOO CUTE to hear Jessie say "arrow".  When we are driving, we sorta play these color and shape games with the lights.  When we head to daycare in the morning Jessie keeps saying that we need a green arrow, and tells me to turn at every one that we pass.  SO... we're driving along and I hear "We need the green aryyo."  It is just totally adorable.
I know I've said that Gavin and Jessie get along great, and they really really do, but the other night I heard some CLASSIC sibling rivalry.  Jessie was getting mad at Gavin and she kept yelling at him, when I asked her what was going on she said "He keeps touching my bed."  Hehe.  She had taken a plastic tote and emptied it out to climb in and make it her bed.  Gavin was not actually trying to bug her, he was just nearby and was, in fact, touching her 'bed'.  We told her to deal with it and to stop yelling at Gavin.  They also will fight over juice cups and who gets what toy car and all sorts of things.  Gavin usually loses out, unfortunately, because she is two and honestly I have no desire to argue with a two year old.  We do try to be at least a little fair though and not make Gavin always suffer for being the oldest.  GAVIN, however, seems to TRY to get under her skin at times.  This morning, for example, Gavin was going over to Grandma's house to sleep over.  Jessie had said SHE wanted to go to Grandma's house too, but she was not going.  We managed to get around the issue except Gavin kept taunting Jessie by saying "No Jessie, YOU don't get to go to Grandma's house today."  So, if he gets the short end of the "two year old in the house" stick fairly often, trust me when I say he earns it.
Well, we are working on staying dry at night.  Ya, not with Jessie though - with Gavin.  We have purchased this nighttime alarm system that will go off if there are any accidents which Gavin has to get out of bed and turn off himself at night.  SOO... that means that Jessie gets to also wake up to the alarm.  It gives me a good idea for a great potty trainer!  Hook the kids up to wired underpants that give them an electric shock when they wet!  I haven't started the clinical studies yet but I'm betting it would be a pretty fast trainer!  Anyway, after we got it, I had the kids in the room and made it go off a bunch of times so they would know what it was.  The good news is that we starting this last Friday night and it really hasn't gone off much - but I can go over that more on Gavin's page.  I had really been putting that off because I didn't want to wake Jessie up in the middle of the night but it has been going so well - maybe I could've done it earlier.  Even on the night when it DID go off, she didn't wake up at all from it.  She has woken up on other nights from scary dreams, but not from that.  One night she was crying and when I asked her what it was, she told me there was a dinosaur trying to eat her mittens.  Oh man, if she wasn't so upset I'd have started laughing.  Silly dinosaur.  Oh, I've added a family wish list page off the 'links' page that has gift ideas since everyone has been asking us for this.  I've got a lot of Jessie stuff on there since she is pretty easy.
I was reprimanded the other day.  First I was about to leave and Jessie told me to put up my hood.  I told her I couldn't because my coat didn't have a hood and she said: "Put a hat on Mommy, it's cold out there."  Then we were in the car and I playfully swatted Kris on the arm and I hear from the backseat "Mommy, you tell Daddy you are sorry."  Yikes, I'm living with my mom!
OH, look what Santa got for Jessie... if I can hold out on giving them to her that long!


Our little snow princess made it to 5 whole houses for trick or treating.  It was cold out there and while her costume was a really warm looking dress and coat for being, ya know, a SNOW princess, it was cheap thin fabric so it wasn't nearly as warm as it should've been.  I did have a thick sweater/turtle neck under it and socks and thick tights and leggings with that too - and the costume itself was the dress and coat with hood - but she was shivering after the one block so we went home.  She started out the night needing me to carry her and she refused to say trick or treat at the first house, but when she didn't get any candy from that she broke out of her shell pretty quickly at the next house; running up to the door and saying the obligatory "trick or treat" and "thank you".  There was a dog barking at the third house and I thought she was gonna run back to me.  She thought about it, but decided to stick it out.  Good girl!  Then at home she ran to the door with me to hand out candy each time the doorbell rang.  We actually handed out ALL our candy!  We had a ton of kids - I didn't even know they all lived in our neighborhood.  (I secretly think some of them didn't - I saw parents with their cars with one group of kids.  Why would you even do that with your kids anyway???)  So we have NO left over candy.  You know what this means?  It means that Jessie and I have to steal candy from Gavin's bucket.  Gavin is like the candy hamster - he hordes it and cherishes each piece of candy, but he doesn't eat any of it.  He just carries it around with him loving that he has it and not letting anyone touch it and not eating any of it.  Very tricky to steal from.  This morning the kids were going all crazy over their stash and Kris was complaigning about candy in the morning when I cut up a pear and said "Hey, pear slices are over here." and Gavin and Jess came running and dropping their candy to get the pear.  Jessie insisted on bringing her pear slices in the car to go to daycare this morning.

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